How Much Instagram Pay for Reels Views

How Much Instagram Pay for Reels Views

In the ever-changing realm of social media, where trends come and go swiftly, a standard query among content creators is, “Does Instagram pay you for views?” 

If you’ve been curious about the revenue potential of your Instagram Reels, you’re in the appropriate location. Let’s explore the specifics and reveal the facts regarding Instagram’s payment practices in this blog post.

Previously, Instagram offered a program called the Instagram Reel Play Bonus, where creators may earn a small amount ranging from $0.01 to $0.05 per 1,000 views for their Reels. Seems like a good offer, doesn’t it? 

But wait a moment; there’s a surprise in the story.

This program was in operation from 2021 until March 2023, but unfortunately, Instagram chose to say goodbye to it. So, if you were expecting to earn money from your Reels views straight on Instagram, I regret to inform you that those days have ended.

Farewell to the Reel Play Bonus

Unfortunately, Instagram chose to discontinue this service in March 2023. It felt similar to the conclusion of an enjoyable game that the developers were enjoying. 

Unexpectedly, content creators could no longer get income directly from Instagram solely based on the number of views on their Reels. It wasn’t enjoyable for many creators accustomed to earning more money from their content.

Other Methods to Make Money on Instagram Investigating Different Opportunities

Despite Instagram discontinuing the Reel Play Bonus, there are still numerous alternative methods for creators to generate income on the platform. Now, let’s examine some of these exciting possibilities in more detail:

1. Partnering with Brands

Picture collaborating with your preferred brands and receiving compensation for producing content on their behalf! 

This is the essence of collaborating with brands on Instagram. If you possess a professional account and a minimum of 1000 followers, you can engage in business partnerships and generate income through sponsored posts.

2. Video Identification Symbols

If you enjoy live broadcasts on Instagram, consider activating Live Video Badges. These badges let your audience show their support by buying badges while watching your live feeds. It’s like congratulating them online while making more money for yourself!

3. Instagram Followers

Have you ever considered providing unique content to your most loyal supporters? With Instagram Subscriptions, you can accomplish exactly that. 

Your audience can sign up to access exclusive material you produce, and you receive a monthly payment for offering them this premium experience.

4. Establishing Your Instagram Store

If you have items to offer, why not create a store on Instagram? You can display your products to your followers and sell them straight through the platform. It’s like having your small shop where your Instagram followers can shop until they are exhausted!

Advice for Increasing Your Income on Instagram

Valuable Tips for Achieving Success

Now that you are aware of these additional methods to generate income on Instagram let’s discuss how you may optimize your earnings:

1. Select Your Niche Carefully

Consider your areas of interest and your areas of expertise. Selecting a specific area of focus that matches your interests and knowledge will simplify producing content that connects with your audience.

2. Increase Your Audience

Although having a substantial number of followers is advantageous, it is optional to have millions of followers to begin earning money on Instagram. Concentrate on creating a group of active followers who enjoy your material and are willing to support you.

3. Generate top-notch content

Attempt to provide distinctive information. Utilize photographs and movies of excellent quality, and remember to incorporate your unique touch into all your creations. 

The higher the quality of your material is, the greater the likelihood that people will interact with it and show their support.

4. Maintain a regular posting schedule

Staying consistent is essential on Instagram. Attempt to publish content consistently and during periods when your audience is most engaged. This will assist in maintaining your fans’ interest and encouraging them to return for additional content.


Although Instagram no longer provides direct payment to artists for Reels views, there are still numerous chances to earn money on the platform. 

By examining these several sources of income and adhering to these suggestions for achieving achievement, you can transform your enthusiasm for generating content into a lucrative endeavor on Instagram.

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