Can You Make Money Off YouTube Shorts

Can You Make Money Off YouTube Shorts

As a creator who makes short videos, you may be curious about the possibility of monetizing your YouTube Shorts, similar to how makers of longer videos market their content.

Yes, it is correct! YouTube offers various ways to earn money from short content, and this article provides information on all the available choices.

Requirements for Monetizing YouTube Shorts

One of the most effective ways to earn money from your Shorts is by participating in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). When you become a member, you can utilize all of YouTube’s methods for generating income, such as placing advertisements on videos or directly monetizing your audience through fan-funding.

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There is no cost to begin.

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There are two options for joining the YPP (you only need to select one!).

To gain access to fan-funding exclusively:

Acquire 500 subscribers.

Post three videos available to the public within the past 90 days.

Obtain 3,000 hours of public watch time throughout the past year or achieve 3 million views on public Shorts within the past 3 months.

To have access to advertising revenue and receive cash from fans:

Acquire 1,000 subscribers.

Obtain 4,000 hours of public viewing time from lengthy videos within the past year or achieve 10 million views on public Shorts within the past three months.

If you create shorts or make movies of various lengths, options 2 and 3 are the most suitable for joining the YPP!

Once you are in the program, only qualified Shorts will receive advertising money. Therefore, follow these four steps to avoid any issues:

Adhere to YouTube’s guidelines for content that is suitable for advertisers.

Avoid using unaltered excerpts from films and television programs for which you do not have the necessary permissions.

Refrain from uploading content created by someone else without providing a fresh viewpoint or altering the information.

Avoid paying for artificial vistas.

Earning money from YouTube Shorts using advertisements: A brief overview

Generating cash via Shorts ads differs slightly from monetizing a typical YouTube video. Notably, the cash generated from Shorts is distributed among many stakeholders, such as the creators who produce them and the music publishers who supply songs for those videos.

Here is the four-step procedure:

YouTube combines all of the revenue from Short advertisements on its platform.

YouTube determines the amount of money allocated to the group of creators based on the number of views and the utilization of music in all Shorts videos. If authors do not utilize music in their Shorts, they keep all the revenue at this stage. If music is used, the income is divided between the group of creators and music publishers.

YouTube shares the advertising earnings with producers that monetize Shorts. The percentage of Shorts views determines the number of views a creator has on the platform, such as 5%, 10%, 15%, and so on.

Creators retain 45% of their revenue share.

Is it possible to earn money from YouTube Shorts without having 1,000 subscribers?

If you’re new to YouTube, reaching 500 subscribers is a fast way to become eligible for the YPP and earn money from your Shorts. You will not generate ad revenue, but you can profit from most of your material — including Shorts — via fan-funding tools.

Receiving Super Thanks

For instance, with only 500 subscribers, you can generate cash through Super Thanks on your YouTube Shorts. These are “video suggestions” with prices ranging from $2 to $50 that your followers can contribute to promote individual videos.

Gathering Super Chats and Stickers

Super Chats and Stickers are also available, particularly if you enjoy live streaming on YouTube.

When you conduct a vertical or horizontal live stream, viewers in the live chat can give you monetary donations ranging from $1 to $500. These can be seen as Super Chats – vibrant comments pinned to the top of the live chat – or as Super Stickers, enjoyable, digital animations on the screen.

Generating revenue through channel memberships

Channel memberships provide exclusive benefits to the most dedicated followers of producers, such as unique videos, badges, community posts, emoticons, and live streams. It’s an excellent method to earn money, but you can monetize your YouTube Shorts by using channel memberships.

After all, Shorts are also considered videos! You can restrict these to your members just like conventional, horizontal content.

What is the amount of money you will make from shorts?

Do YouTube Shorts provide sustainable revenue? Can they provide an additional source of income or assist in transitioning away from your primary employment?

That varies! Occasionally, it might be challenging to get a satisfactory income from Shorts, while you receive a substantial amount of revenue at other times. For instance, we received $16.61 for a vidIQ Shorts with 468,500 views.

However, several creators can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly through Shorts ad income. Everything relies on the content you create, the number of views you receive, and the advertising rates paid by advertisers (also known as CPMs) in your nation.

Becoming a monetized developer of Shorts is now simpler than ever, but you will require viral Shorts to consider this a genuine side gig!

Partnerships with Brands and Sponsorships

Entering the YPP to get money from your Shorts might be difficult. You either need to get significant online popularity or tackle the challenging goal of acquiring 1,000 subscribers and accumulating thousands of hours of viewing time.

However, what? You don’t need to participate in that competition. There are many methods to get money from Shorts, and one valuable possibility is securing brand sponsorships.

When a brand supports you, it compensates you for promoting a product or service in one of your films. That might be a new series of laptops, the most recent leggings from Lululemon, or even a tool that eliminates pet hair from filthy carpets.

Here’s an illustration of a sponsored brief. In this commercial, actress Eliana Ghen promotes Vita, a mobile video editing program.

If you’re watching this video and thinking, Hey, I can do that, you’re absolutely right.

Here’s the reason:

You only require a few views and subscribers to secure a brand agreement, but rather the appropriate audience and a solid YouTube portfolio.

51% of marketers said they intend to increase their investment in short-form content compared to 2021.

Companies are eager to collaborate with creators who make short videos.

Regarding that final aspect, do not solely rely on our statement. Sponsorship advisor Justin Moore expresses the same opinion.

“Ultimately, most brands are not interested in collaborating with you and perceive your primary strength to be creating lengthy videos,” Moore states. “They desire to perceive that you possess a certain level of adaptability in generating various forms of content.”

Are you prepared to secure your initial brand partnership? Look at this post to prevent the typical errors YouTubers often make when presenting their ideas to marketers.


There are several challenges to overcome when making money from short-form material, so don’t panic! You can do it.

Our blog offers many strategies and techniques to assist you in achieving milestones such as obtaining 500 subscribers, 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 watch hours, and even 10 million Shorts views. F

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